Watches, Stories, & Gear: A 13 Year Old Beats Tetris, “Succession” Props Head to Auction, and a Watch Saves a Life in New Zealand –

Sometimes we come across watch related accounts and we’re absolutely shocked that they don’t have tens of thousands of followers. That was one thought we had upon seeing the watches on the @solarjones9000 feed. Bobby Rai’s AI generated watch designs started popping up only about six weeks ago, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. We’re not sure if there are plans to make any of these designs a reality, but, well, maybe there should be? The account is worth a follow even if you’re an AI skeptic. 

A Fisherman’s Life Saved by His Watch

Here’s a story with an absolutely terrifying beginning and a feel-good ending that will have you thinking about your watch as a “tool” in a very different way. Will Fransen, a New Zealand fisherman, fell overboard while fishing without a life jacket, with his boat motoring further and further away. He was stranded, treading water, for 24 hours, before catching the attention of a passing boat by reflecting sunlight off his watch crystal. It’s an absolutely harrowing story, told here in the New Zealand Herald, with a thankfully happy ending. 

A 13 Year Old Boy Beats Tetris

One of the big viral stories this week was that of Willis Gibson, a 13 year old Tetris prodigy who became the first human to successfully “beat” the game. To be honest, we didn’t even know Tetris was beatable, but it turns out you can get to a point where the game simply freezes somewhere beyond the 157th level. Before Gibson, only AI players had been able to get to the so-called “kill screen” where the game’s code can’t keep up with the advancing player. Gibson, who again is only 13, is somewhat new to competitive Tetris, rising up the ranks dramatically just in the last year. He uses a technique known as “rolling” the controller with quick taps from several fingers instead of just one or two, which many believe has made it possible for more elite player to advance further in the game. Read more at the New York Times here.

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