Visiting Horage in Biel, and a Look at their new Array K1 Watch –

The work shop was fascinating for us. When you hear “watch manufacturing facility” you might picture some large, static free clean rooms with dozens of employees in dust masks working in silence. The reality is, it’s much more humble. The manufacturing room was long, but relatively narrow, housing a handful of purposeful looking CNC machines; mills, lathes, wire cutters, etc. Here, they can make the bulk of a movement, from the main plate to the balance wheel. Some parts and processes are done elsewhere, such as the manufacturing of their silicon escapement, and laser etching, but a surprising majority can happen on just a few machines.


On the floor above are the finishing, plating and assembly rooms, as well as Armin Strom’s administrative offices. Here we got to see how Jonas flat sands the movements for their minimal, industrial style of finish, and then assembles them from 156 minuscule parts. Currently, any Horage watch powered by the K1, will have a movement that is assembled by Jonas, and Jonas alone. While their goal is too grow and industrialize the process, bringing the price per movement down, right now it’s still very small scale. It’s rare to get to see a watch manufacture in this startup mode, and frankly it’s very cool to see how it all gets done.

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