The Three Watch Collection for $5,000: Reader Edition – Griffin Bartsch –

Editor’s note: In this week’s 3 Watch Collection for $5,000, Griffin Bartsch (@cgriffinbartsch on Instagram), a seasoned collector and watch enthusiast, makes his case for value with a trio of watches that punch well above their weight class. In a watch environment where prices keep climbing, it can be tough to find quality and originality that’s budget friendly, and it can be even tougher if you can easily recall a time when these things just weren’t so expensive. But as Griffin points out, there are still great watches to discover at any price point. 

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Talk to anyone who has been a watch enthusiast or collector long enough and a constant through-line will be that watches cost more than they used to. It’s hard to deny. In the near decade and a half that I have nominally been what could be called a watch collector, the market has experienced a dramatic surge.

It’s gotten to the point where it is unavoidable that rising prices have become a pretty standard stop in the flow of conversation at meetups and on forums. Even I am not immune to the temptations of the topic — I have probably mentioned a few too many times that when I was 18 I could have bought a polar dial Rolex Explorer II Ref. 16570 for the same money as my Martin D-35 (around 3500 bucks). That Martin still floats right around that price today, the Rolex decidedly does not.

A result of all this is that it can sometimes feel like it’s hard to find great watches at reasonable prices. And while I have started hearing the phrase “$10,000 is the new $5,000,” I would posit that there are probably more interesting, affordable watches on the market than ever before.

Obviously this is not to say that $5,000 isn’t a meaningful sum — it obviously is — but it is also a dollar figure that can still buy you a hell of a lot of watch. So without further ado, here are my picks for a three watch collection under $5,000.

Vertex M60 Aqualion ND ~$3,005

If I’m going to have a collection made up of only three watches, it only makes sense to start with the watch I already basically wear every single day — the Vertex M60 Aqualion ND. On its surface, this may not be the most exciting choice. And I admit that picking a black dial dive watch right off the bat is maybe a little obvious, but since I got my Aqualion I have seen little reason to wear anything else.

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