The Podcast Ep 328: Talking Comics, “Watches and What Else,” and More with Chris Antzoulis –

On this week’s podcast, final podcast of 2023, Zach Kazan chats with Chris Antzoulis, one of the website’s newest contributors, about some of his recent work. In addition to being a watch collector, Chris has a background in comics, which made him incredibly well suited to chat with comic book legend Adam Kubert recently about his new collaboration with Citizen and Marvel, which feels like a major crossover moment between two enthusiast worlds. Chris also developed the concept behind “Watches and What Else,” a series that examines the “other” interests of watch collectors, always looking for ways watch collecting connects to other pursuits. If you haven’t checked out “Watches and What Else” yet, we’ve linked the series to this point in the show notes below.

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