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Watches, Stories, & Gear: A 13 Year Old Beats Tetris, “Succession” Props Head to Auction, and a Watch Saves a Life in New Zealand – Bilofy.com

Sometimes we come across watch related accounts and we’re absolutely shocked that they don’t have tens of thousands of followers. That was one thought we had upon seeing the watches on the @solarjones9000 feed. Bobby Rai’s AI generated watch designs started popping up only about six weeks ago, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. We’re not sure […]

Eat the Rich: How Watches Signify Class in Saltburn, The Menu, and More – Bilofy.com

Ollie’s digital Casio fits in with the nice but inexpensive aesthetic of the social-climbing character, while Felix’s Rolex Bubbleback—reportedly Elordi’s own watch—speaks to the character’s inherited wealth and how he treats it as casually as the vintage timepiece he pairs with a Livestrong rubber bracelet. Felix’s mother, Lady Elspeth Catton (Rosamund Pike), wears a Chopard […]

Top 5 GADA Watches

Top 5 GADA Watches Words by Windup Watch Shop The concept of a “watch enthusiast” who owns, trades, and collects them for the love of the game is a relatively new one. It’s a far cry from our forebears, who often had one go-to watch for most of life’s occasions. Over the years, however, as […]

Head to Head: Sporty vs Dressy GMT Watches

Head to Head: Sporty vs Dressy GMT Watches Words by Windup Watch Shop The traveler’s watch. The last truly useful sport watch today. The GMT watch has, as much as its sibling the dive watch, remained a cultural icon and a best-seller for brands both big and small. Every collector wants – or at least […]

Our 2023 Watches of the Year – Bilofy.com

Turns out the seller is an Air Canada pilot, and the Navigator has 50+ hours of flight time.  How cool is that? He was selling it because he had just acquired his dream watch, a 90s Breitling Aerospace, which he got from a dude at a bar in Asia. Literally bought the watch off his […]

Top 5 Dive Watches Of 2023

Top 5 Dive Watches Of 2023 Words by Windup Watch Shop Of all the archetypes in the big wide watch world, the dive watch and its staying power is unparalleled for collectors, enthusiasts, and the watch-buying public at large. The reasons for this are many but at the most basic level, dive watches are just […]

Opinion: Giving the Gift of Watches – Bilofy.com

Once Gabe saw the intrigue beginning to marinate, he passed along an inexpensive meca-quartz chronograph. “I can’t sell this,” he said, “do you want it?” Years later, I’m still the willing recipient of his castoffs: a Casio F91W (“too small”), more straps than I can count, and a Submariner homage with a temperamental crown and […]

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