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13,000 miles, 23 countries and Oxford, a 1955 Land Rover Series I: An Interview with Alex Bescoby, Author and Filmmaker of The Last Overland – Bilofy.com

Back to The Last Overland, there’s this saying, “The adventure doesn’t start until something goes wrong.”  Oh man, don’t remind me.  Adventure Doesn’t Start Until Something Goes Wrong Sorry about that. Can you point out any challenges that stuck out to you, whether they be physical, mental, or logistical? Driving almost a 70 year old […]

Interview: Time and Tide’s Andrew McUtchen on Watch & Act!, an Auction to Benefit Australia’s Bushfire Relief Efforts – Bilofy.com

As many readers are likely aware, Australia is currently struggling through one of the worst brush fire seasons in recorded history. The devastation has been widespread, not only putting human lives in danger, but wreaking havoc on wildlife and property throughout huge swaths of the continent.  Andrew McUtchen of Australia-based Time+Tide has put together an auction […]

Interview with Scott Wilk of Wilk Watch Works – Bilofy.com

Scott Wilk is quietly producing some of the most original watches of the small-batch manufacturer world. Wilk is an artist who wields a soldering torch with precision and has the know how to work with clients to create highly personalized wrist-wear. He studied fine art in college and worked at a jewelry store, where he […]

Interview with Spencer Klein – Watchmaker and Seiko Specialist – Bilofy.com

We here at W&W were recently lucky enough to score an interview with a cornerstone of the vintage Seiko community, Spencer Klein. Not only has Mr. Klein spread the gospel of Seiko across the internet on forums, Reddit threads, and web articles, his technical expertise helps to guide one of the premiere Seiko repair shops […]

Interview with Jake B of Dagaz Watches

Jake Bourdeau, better known as Jake B on the watch forums, has become the biggest name in the international Seiko watch modding community. After the company founder and Jake’s mentor Noah Fuller (the creator of the Tsunami watch) died in 2011, Jake has made it his mission to build on Noah’s legacy. Right now his […]

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