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Watches, Stories, & Gear: A 13 Year Old Beats Tetris, “Succession” Props Head to Auction, and a Watch Saves a Life in New Zealand – Bilofy.com

Sometimes we come across watch related accounts and we’re absolutely shocked that they don’t have tens of thousands of followers. That was one thought we had upon seeing the watches on the @solarjones9000 feed. Bobby Rai’s AI generated watch designs started popping up only about six weeks ago, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. We’re not sure […]

Eat the Rich: How Watches Signify Class in Saltburn, The Menu, and More – Bilofy.com

Ollie’s digital Casio fits in with the nice but inexpensive aesthetic of the social-climbing character, while Felix’s Rolex Bubbleback—reportedly Elordi’s own watch—speaks to the character’s inherited wealth and how he treats it as casually as the vintage timepiece he pairs with a Livestrong rubber bracelet. Felix’s mother, Lady Elspeth Catton (Rosamund Pike), wears a Chopard […]

Hands-On: the Heinrich Helicoprion “Buzzsaw” – Bilofy.com

There are six different dial configurations available for the Helicoprion. Three feature a circular brushed silver outer dial area with either black, green or blue buzzsaw markings standing out against it, with a darker central section in black, green or blue. The other three dials are fully black, blue or brown with the funky markings […]

Maurice de Mauriac Introduces a Collection of Colorful Gold Chronographs – Bilofy.com

The L3 Gold Edition comes in five colorways to choose from: Emerald Green, Cherry Blossom, Opalescent White, Spheric Blue, and Spheric Brown, each with a corresponding hand-tooled leather watch strap that perfectly complements the dial color. Each timepiece features a brushed 18kt 5N red gold case (measuring in at 40.5 mm) with a screw-in red […]

Owner’s Review: the Tudor Black Bay GMT – Bilofy.com

The instruction manual on how to use the watch’s GMT function is largely useless. That said, this could also boil down to me being pretty much numerically illiterate. However, after some help and a simply-worded explanation, learning and understanding the GMT function isn’t too hard. The way the movement is designed, the long, red 24 […]

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