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The time has come to store away the chunky wool sweaters, hang up the heavy coats, and bring out the springtime clothing arsenal as we thaw out from the chilly winter. There’s something about this season that’s particularly alluring; the warm sunshine on your skin, the budding vegetation, or simply the fact that the piercingly-cold wind no longer hurts your face. For those of us who like to dress well, it’s also a time of creativity and self-expression. The typically-neutral color palettes of winter are instead replaced by the vivid colors and patterns of spring. A wider array of colors to use creates a much more dynamic range of possible fits. Don’t get me wrong; I love layers. More articles of clothing means more ways to customize your look, right? Especially for men, fall and winter styles just brim with opportunity. However, it’s also important to consider that spring/summer allow for more “statement” pieces, which essentially allow you to say more in as few words as possible. Now, pour yourself a nice glass of lemonade (or whiskey) and let’s begin.

Depending on where you live and its seasonal climate, you may or may not have a need for outerwear. I live in the Northeastern United States, so our springtime can vary from ‘”Damn, I lost another finger to frostbite” to “I’ve shaved every inch of my body and I’m still sweating”. Regardless, I’m going to list a few types of jackets and styles that will look great this season.

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