Review: the Circula DiveSport Titanium –

The links are sized via screws, whose heads are so tiny, I assumed they were split pins and was wondering why a screwdriver was provided in the box. Thank goodness that screwdriver was there, as the one I have that fits this size would have provided enough torque to back out these screws. I highly recommend changing those screws to ones with larger heads. I have been sizing watches for 30+ years and managed to size this bracelet without so much a scratch or damaged screw. Someone with less experience and/or dexterity may not be so lucky. 

The watch also came with a high quality rubber strap, which is supple and has a branded tang buckle, as well as branded keepers. A very nice touch. Equally nice are the quick-change spring bars on this strap. Very easy to swap out and put back on. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for the quick-change bars on the bracelet. On the rubber strap, there is only one side that you need to pull on to dislodge the strap. On the bracelet, you have to squeeze both sides in. The problem is the end-links sit so far into the lugs that I cannot get purchase on both sides at the same time in order to remove the bracelet. 

Thankfully I am a bracelet guy and the minute I saw the bracelet in the box, I immediately installed it and never looked back. While it does look really, really cool on the rubber strap, as the curved end pieces mimic the bevel on the lugs perfectly, to me this bad boy lives and breathes on the titanium bracelet. It completes the package perfectly and because it is all titanium, as I said previously, it wears like a dream.

I wore this watch for a solid 4 days straight and in this time, I have gotten more compliments on it than I have on my Grand Seiko, which I have been wearing consistently since April. No, no, no, I am not comparing this watch to a Grand Seiko. It is likely the striking yellow dial that catches people’s attention, and rightfully so. It is an amazing looking piece, which is finished exceptionally well, that keeps fantastic time and is super fun to wear. 

Unlike the Baume & Mercier Capeland XXL, which came on a wild rubber strap I never figured out how to wear, this one is reasonably priced at 1129 Euro and should fare much better than the latter. What more can I say, I am truly smitten with this piece. It is going to hurt really bad when this one has to return home… Circula

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