Rev Your Engines With The Série-R 80s From Depancel

In the 1980s, a carefree decade characterized by freedom, bright colors and brand-new shapes, it still took a special kind of chutzpah to establish the lines, color, geometry and complete absence of curves that came to define the cars of that era. Depancel pays tribute to them with the new Série-R 80s, an animation of its iconic case as fun as this era.

The world of cars has long been identified as one of the major sources of these stylistic feats that stand the test of time with impertinent ease, and the Ferrari Testarossa is the epitome of this phenomenon – albeit one that’s particularly divisive and distinctive. Its straight, clear-cut lines and legendary side gills made their mark on the 1980s, a time when speed, insouciance, style and power were all of a piece. The whole car was just as much a beast as its engine. Paradoxically, its radical nature met with universal acclaim. A similar textbook case is Lamborghini’s achievement with its Countach (of which the firm is also producing a new limited-edition version that’s already sold out even before a single one has been made). 

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