Return of the Blob! Hands-on With the NEOTYPE LM-01 TYPE D (w/ Video) –


It only takes an instant to register that the LM-01 isn’t an ordinary design. Though it has lugs, a crystal, crown, etc, the shape is striking, and the bezel is, well… quite odd. Rather than being your stand flat affair, or perhaps a vintage dome, it’s nearly vertical, with its numbers printer on the side. No teeth, rather an occasional nub protruding out, less like it was machined and more like it was grown.

The fluid form of the bezel flows down the case side as well, particularly on the left side and between the lugs, creating the essence of the blob shape I referred to earlier. It’s not just “rounded”, rather the radius is off-center, almost like gravity is pulling the mass down towards the wrist. The resulting form is 40mm x 50mm x 15.8mm. The diameter is to the widest point, which due to the shape is the sort of crest of the curvature. Typically, this would make a watch seem smaller, but because of the mass of metal present, and long lug-to-lug, it looks more like a 42mm. The 22mm lug width promotes this as well, as they are proportionally wide.

But, again, this isn’t a vintage-inspired dive watch, rather it’s a rugged modern tool watch. The size might not be what one prefers, but the watch looks and feels like a tank, which is clearly part of the goal. This is perhaps one of the most striking features out of the box. It’s hefty and very solid. You feel like you can hammer nails with it. The massive screw-down crown adds to this solidity, as do the crown guards that deftly protect it. These aren’t for show, they really do guard.

The height is perhaps the most daunting number here as 15.8mm is quite thick no matter how you approach it. The rounded shape does a lot to lessen the severity of the height, as soft curves just make it look less dramatic, but so does the bezel itself. Several millimeters of the height are from the bezel and 3.5mm thick sapphire crystal contained within. The split line where this bezel attaches to the mid-case breaks things up, and the curvature once again helps – but, it’s thick. That’s just a fact. It’s a cold, hard lump of steel on your wrist. Yet, somehow that works.

Coming back to the bezel, I can’t help but feel it’s the real star of the show. The strange shape isn’t just visually intriguing, it allows for the numerals to be visible from above, as well as from the side and other indirect angles. The lack of a typical grip almost makes it appear non-functional, but it in fact is a 120-click dive bezel. The nubs that act as part of the index also provide just enough additional grip to make turning it easy.

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