Opinion: A New Year’s Resolution for the Watch Community, and a More Diverse Instagram Grid – Bilofy.com

In 2024, let’s say goodbye to the idea that a watch focused Instagram is somehow not worthy of the views of your non-watch obsessed friends. They should accept you for who you are. And if somehow you’ve kept your watch hobby a secret all these years and timepieces appearing in the grid is what spills the beans to those who are unaware, it’s a great opportunity to test those relationships. A relationship that can’t survive a wrist shot or two never stood a chance. 

There should be no shame attached to watch collecting in 2024. We don’t need to hide our social media away behind a pseudonym, or a profile picture that’s just a closeup of a dial that can barely be identified anyway. Besides, watches are basically mainstream now. My mom knows what a MoonSwatch is. This hobby is less niche everyday. 

My own Instagram didn’t start out as a watch account. I’ve had it since (oh dear God…) 2012. The first thing I ever posted was a falafel that I bought at a joint near my old apartment run by a family of Syrian immigrants. It was better than falafel in Concord, NH has any right to be. Other early subjects of my Instagram include pints of beer, Scrabble boards from games I did and did not win, photos of records I may or may not have been playing at that very moment, and many, many blurry and hard to decipher shots from concerts I attended. These were the years before iPhone cameras could take a respectable photo in low light, and certainly well before I began to experience the phenomenon all aging millennials understand as Concert Fatigue. We just want to sit down at these shows, you know? 

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