On Kickstarter: Vilhelm Watches, The Element – Bilofy.com

The micro-universe of crowd-funded watch brands is ever expanding these days. A little bit of knowledge, some supplier sources and the Kickstarter platform and nearly anyone can sell their own brand of watch. New brand Vilhelm Watches is one of those using Kickstarter to launch their first watch, The Elemental. No, it’s not another round, simple, time-only quartz driven watch with a canvas strap. The Elemental is, well, different, in a few ways.


First off the design is clearly eye-catching and far from a traditional round stainless steel cased watch. The 43mm case has rugged looks with what is could closest be described as a cushion style case with some squared off elements. Adding to the interest of this case design are the three materials that make up its construction. Yes, three. The individual materials are forged carbon, ceramic and titanium.

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