On Indiegogo: The Alvieri Firenze Collection – Bilofy.com

Looking at many start-up, crowd-funded brands you’ll see a similar message behind them: the people behind the brand were looking for an affordable option of – insert watch trait here – and they were unable to find it. Therefore they set about to start their own brand with the sought after features they desired. While the message may be oft repeated there is nothing wrong with it at its core. Alvieri Watches, who is in the midst of a publicity campaign for their first watch, was started for the same ideas. The idea for Alvieri’s first watch was driven from a desire for an affordable, elegant watch suitable for daily wear. While there were offerings available, Alvieri’s founder felt they were lacking that sense of interest. That was enough for Alvieri Watches to get started via the popular method of crowd-funding.


Alvieri’s first watches, the Firenze Collection, took off via a successful Kickstarter campaign. They were able to secure $23,575, well over the $10,000 goal and now have a second round going via Indiegogo (which has already met its funding goal as well). The Firenze Collection is broken into two editions: the Firenze Classic Edition and the Firenze Lunar Edition. Both watches share the same case and dial designs with a few additions to the Lunar versions.

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