My First 100 Days on Instagram –

One reservation I had when giving up my online anonymity was personal and emotional investment. How would I feel when I inevitably encountered the negativity inherent with social media? Well, comments on recent articles took the guesswork out of that. Thankfully I learned that negative comments didn’t bother me if I could stand by my opinions.

Something I’ve explored in previous editorials is my appreciation for high-end watches despite my personal gravitation toward budget beaters. After some initial fumbling and Googling things like “How do I add hashtags to a post?” and “Why is my feed full of Seinfeld clips?”, I soon found myself enjoying a personally curated feed of 5711s and affordable microbrands. Despite the warnings, I didn’t get that uneasy feeling that comes from being around an overly ambitious salesman. Rather than feeling like Instagram was trying to sell me something, it felt more like a virtual watch meetup. A mix of what is haute, and what is not, with folks ready to engage in conversation if I felt so inclined.

Am I happy I joined Instagram? Unequivocally yes. It’s nice to have a seat at the table. I can log in whenever I want to and connect with fellow enthusiasts and content creators, thank podcasters for recent episodes, and give feedback directly to my favorite microbrands. And when I’m the creator, comments and likes on a post give me real-time feedback on how recently published articles are being received.

I don’t take the opportunity to share my opinions on Worn and Wound lightly, and while I like to have a good time with my editorials, I keep it professional. But sometimes, a less-than-professional mood strikes. Instagram has become my personal playground for quick and dirty wrist shots, or those moments when I want to photograph a waffle dial watch on an actual waffle iron, or a tuning fork watch with a guitar tuner and a fork from my kitchen. My wife says I should be less niche and more obvious, and she’s probably right, but for now I’m enjoying breaking up the standard wrist shot monotony and making myself chuckle in the process. #waffledial #tuningforkwatch

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