Hands-On: the ochs und junior Settimana Seasons “Autumn” – Bilofy.com

Each of the Settimana Seasons models is available with either a plain black leather, or plain black textile strap. These simple colors and finishes are presumably intended to let the eye focus on the dial as far as possible, but I have veered towards other strap options for a couple of reasons. For a 40mm watch, the 22mm lug width is unusual. That alone is not a bad thing, and works well as a design choice. From a comfort perspective, however, I found both the non-tapering strap and squared off buckle a little cumbersome.

I have mostly been wearing the Settimana Seasons “Autumn” on an orange/yellow two-piece nato strap which contrasts nicely against the yellow of the dial and the bright orange accents, without lifting the watch any higher off the wrist. The 40mm size and titanium construction make for a comfortable and fun experience. I keep coming back to the watch being a strange set of compromises though, and ultimately perhaps that’s why I rarely see the models from ochs und junior in the wild, despite widespread appreciation from watch nerds around the world. The case height, lack of dial markings, awkward strap sizing, unusual colorway, and uncommon complication are all things which could each turn a watch from being a “maybe” into a “no”. For an individual to match with all of those design choices is a tough ask, but one that is made easier through ochs und junior’s customizable collections. And yet, despite those compromises, I am really enjoying the Settimana Seasons. ochs und junior

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