[Hands-On] Ming Brings Lightweight and Big Textures to Dubai Watch Week – Bilofy.com

The deep guilloche pattern emanates from the sub dial at 3 o’clock, which is a 30 minute totalizer for the chronograph. An upper sapphire layer can serve to enhance, or even obscure the texture, again depending on the environment. This is a dial you could get easily get lost in, and find yourself searching out different light and angles that will reveal new details to you. 

The 18K 5N rose gold case matches the dial perfectly, and makes for a continuous experience throughout. And it weighs a lot, even with its relatively trim 38 x 11.9mm dimensions. Inside sits a LJP 5000.M1 made for Ming, and it’s quite the looker through the caseback. Just 20 of these watches will be made and each are priced at CHF 48,000. 

Finally, a watch they had on display, though not available to go hands-on with, was the remarkable LW.01. This began with a challenge to themselves, one that they felt was within reach, and that was to create the world’s lightest watch. I highly recommend reading this report by one of the co-founders, Dr. Magnus Bosse, who details some of the challenges they faced in development. The result speaks for itself, with the manual winding variant weighing just 8.8 grams, and the automatic coming in at 10.8 grams. It’s also made to be wearable and practical. While I can’t judge it on that, I can say it’s quite visually arresting and the thought of strapping on a ~10 gram watch every day is difficult to comprehend.

While different, these watches are a showcase of Ming’s design codes and thought process, as well as the expansive conceptual nature of the projects that Ming considers. From the sound of it, we can expect much more in the coming months and years, and what’s more, they are working to streamline the process of getting these watches to market in a more timely manner to ease the wait time for buyers. Overall, what I saw from Ming at Dubai Watch Week was a big step in maturation from the brand, and one that feels expansive while still being inclusive. Ming.

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