13,000 miles, 23 countries and Oxford, a 1955 Land Rover Series I: An Interview with Alex Bescoby, Author and Filmmaker of The Last Overland – Bilofy.com

Back to The Last Overland, there’s this saying, “The adventure doesn’t start until something goes wrong.” 

Oh man, don’t remind me. 

Adventure Doesn’t Start Until Something Goes Wrong

Sorry about that. Can you point out any challenges that stuck out to you, whether they be physical, mental, or logistical?

Driving almost a 70 year old car comes with its own set of challenges.You’ve got no power steering, no disc brakes, and are working with a leaf spring suspension. It’s physically demanding to drive. Even on a good road it doesnt stay in a straight line. You have to be aware of everything that’s going on. You can’t daydream. You can’t listen to the radio or talk to anyone because it’s too noisy. So you’re just in the machine and it’s quite tiring. Then there’s the changes in temperatures. It was sub zero temperatures in Tibet, over 100 degrees fahrenheit in southeast Asia and everything in between. If it was raining outside, it was raining inside. You feel everything. Four months, driving up and down mountains, through the jungle and deserts, and dealing with altitude sickness. Up over 17,000 feet, your body isn’t happy at all. Physically, we were all affected by it. I’m still getting physio.

Somewhere In Tibet, 17,000 Miles Above Sea Level

Then there was the colossal logistical undertaking of getting 8 people with 5 different passports through 23 countries. There were complicated countries to enter and let alone, once you’re in them, the physical dangers you can cross. Again, every time I got stressed, I just thought, what a privilege it was to do all of this. The real joy of an overland trip like that. 

Then there was also Tim falling ill at the very start of the trip. Legitimately the first day, and his grandson, Nat George stepped up to take his place.

That was the greatest privilege. When we planned it, it was going to be Tim’s last great adventure, and it actually became the greatest gift a grandfather could give a grandson. To gift him this life changing adventure. 


I was gutted when Tim fell out of the story. The whole thing got ripped up on day one. It was the greatest blessing in disguise. I got a front row seat while watching Nat come to terms with who his grandfather was and what he accomplished. It gives me goosebumps. It’s a special bond for those lucky to have it. 

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